The Galician Automotive Technological Centre (CTAG) is a technological centre created in 2002 by initiative of the Cluster of Galician Automotive enterprises (CEAGA) as a private non profit foundation, with the aim of improve competitiveness of the companies within the Galician and Spanish country, with the use of new technologies and promoting the development, research and technological innovation. One of the CTAG’s most relevant research lines and the one with more international success is the research in new materials, focused on three scientific fields of knowledge: biomaterials, nanomaterials and composites.


AIMPLAS is a centre for innovation and technology located in Valencia. Since its foundation in 1990 as a non-profit research association, AIMPLAS has been striving to promote direct contact with companies in all sectors linked with the plastic industry in order to detect their needs and determine the required actions to meet them. AIMPLAS provides a personalised and integral solution for companies belonging to the sector through coordination of technological services (testing and laboratory services) and R&D projects. AIMPLAS also promotes and coordinates the purchase of new technologies, both at equipment and knowledge level, to meet the current and future needs of the sector.

University of Aveiro

The University of Aveiro (UA) is a public institution with the mission of formation intervention and development, the research and the cooperation with society. Created in 1973, it rapidly became transformed in one of the most dynamic and innovative universities of the country. The UA is a privileged partner of enterprises and other national and international entities, cooperating with them in different projects and programmes and providing them with important services. Therefore, the UA is a research space where innovative products and solutions are developed to contribute to the advance of science and technology.


TEKNIKER is a technological centre located in Eibar, legally constituted as a private not-for-profit foundation. Its mission is to help the industrial sector to increase its innovative capacity by means of generating and applying technology and knowledge in order to be more competitive.


ADERA is a non-profit private organization focusing on teaching and research between universities, research centres and companies in the Aquitaine region. ADERA develops and multiplies links between research and industry and coordinates over thirty technology transfer units providing technological services in various fields of activity. They provide services such as characterizations, trials, tests, control, formulation, consulting, expertise, training, prototyping, pilot lots, industrialization and research & development actions.